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Vilkon is a specialized transportation and logistics company located in Seattle area. While there are numerous large international shipping companies offering diverse services, there are rather few regional and industry-specialized companies offering a long track of successful and efficient highly qualified shipping and logistics solutions like Vilkon.

Our parent company, OOO Vilkon a/k/a Vilkon LLC, is a well-established Russian-based logistics provider and fully licensed customs broker with offices in Magadan, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok. OOO Vilkon was founded in 1997 to specifically cater to Russian gold-and-silver mining projects developed and operating with significant participation and investment from Western European and North American companies in remote Magadan and Chukotka regions. Since its inception OOO Vilkon has proven to be a highly efficient and professional provider of logistics and customs clearance services to Western and Russian companies alike, including but not limited to mining projects in vast remote Northern Russia regions with total lack of infrastructure and extreme weather conditions.

Due to the geographical closeness of Russian Far East mining projects to North America and growing shipping volumes from the United States and Canada, the recent expansion of Vilkon to the American West Coast was long-awaited and logical. Seattle office of Vilkon carries on the same specialization of trade logistics catering to a highly professional and qualified network of partners and customers in Russia, CIS, Asia,
the United States and Canada, while expanding services of the Company to the enterprises in the Western and Eastern Europe.

Dedicated international freight logistics is a rapidly growing industry. With the swift economic growth of Pacific Russia, China and South Korea, the demand and volume for international shipments today far overwhelms the ability of the existing carriers to provide adequate and efficient solutions. Besides, there is an ever growing need in the development of specialized freight operators capable to competently and cost-effectively connect producers of heavy equipment and cutting edge solutions for the mining, construction and oil drilling industry with enterprises located in the developing and resource rich regions of Asia and Pacific East. By specializing on shipments to those regions over the past decades, Vilkon became one of the fastest growing companies in its niche and is known as one of the premier logistics providers for those regions.

Mr. Konstantin Kobrianov

Mr. Kobrianov is a founder and managing director of Vilkon's parent company, Vilkon LLC. He has more than fourteen years of the international logistics and freight experience and has been immediately responsible for growing of Vilkon's parent enterprise from a small shipping company to a multimillion large internationally recognized freight and logistics carrier with offices in Magadan, Vladivostok and St. Petersburg (Russia). He has been principally responsible for the establishment of the cutting-edge technology and logistics solutions for the company's clients and procurement and maintaining the relationships with largest commercial enterprises of the Pacific Russia, including Trade House Polimetal, Modern Machinery Co, Inc., Berelex, Modern Machinery Far East, Eastern Technology, Carolina Engineering and many others.


Mr. Genady Solovyov
Vice President

Mr. Solovyov's has in depth expertise in global cargo logistics. He is a United States licensed freight forwarder and customs broker. For the last seven years he has been engaged in executive and key positions with several large freight operators.